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15 random facts about the world
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This world is full of interesting facts, some of which are known and some are unknown. Do you know in which country the most guns are found? Do you know how a drug dealer company makes money more than Google does?

Hello friends, I hope you all are good today and welcome to another original post of world facts.

I am going to discuss some 15 random facts about the world that will definitely surprise you. So let’s get started,

15 random facts about the world

Fact 1:

If you have a government job in China, then you have to be happy.

But you and your family will have to visit the jail because if you do any corruption then you will be put in the same prison.

Fact 2:

On this Earth, we humans are spread from place to place. Our population is about 6 billion, but if all the people of this world come together, then in the Grand Canyon National Park of Arizona, a state of America, there will still be some space left in the Grand Canyon.

Fact 3:

The United States of America has the highest number of guns in the world, there are 120 guns for every 100 people.

Fact 4:

We, humans, have ordinarily three color receptors, by that, we are able to establish one million totally different colors, however, some girls have four color receptors in order that they’ll establish one hundred million different colors.

Fact 5:

In 2010, the drug dealers of a North American country (Mexico) earned Combined 209 billion bucks. A similar year Google, the world’s prime company, earned a similar quantity.

The money that Google had earned in one year by working so hard, the drug dealer company had earned by doing the wrong work.

Fact 6:

Japan is the country where amazing things like karate, anime, emoji, and karaoke started.

In 2015, Barack Obama himself thanked Japan for all these things.

Fact 7:

UPS, United Parcel Service, started this company in 1907 by 17 years old and 19 years old boys, Claude Ryan and Jim Cassie, with only 100 dollars and that too 100 dollars were borrowed from a friend of theirs.

And they used to deliver Paracels with a bike, but this company today has a net worth of 53 billion dollars.

Fact 8:

Astronaut of Russia carry pistol, shotguns, and matches to space by the year 2007 because when they came back from space to Earth, they used to land somewhere in the forests of Siberia and used to face the bears and wolves of the forest, and that’s why They used to take all these things for handling.

Fact 9:

Colonel Saunders KFC founder was fired from many jobs and spent his life in poverty until he was 65 years old, and then he started a Kentucky Fried Chicken business at the age of sixty-five, and this business is running with success throughout the planet these days.

Fact 10:

If I ask which is the best selling phone in the world, then a maximum of you will tell the name of a phone of iPhone brand or phone of Samsung brand, but you will be surprised to know that the best selling phone in the world was Nokia 1100.

Fact 11:

American famous singer Lady Gaga was very scared of ghosts, That’s why in the year 2010 she bought ghost detection machine for 50 thousand dollars.

Fact 12:

The average life expectancy of women is very much related to the men, a shocking fact related to this is that out of the 10 most living human beings, 10 out of 10 are women.

Fact 13:

The word Boycott is on a person named Charles Boycott, it is said that people hated Charles Boycott so much that they kept a distance from him.

Fact 14:

The word Boycott is on a person named Charles Boycott, it is said that people hated Charles Boycott so much that they kept a distance from him.

Fact 15:

When Steve Jobs died in 2011, Microsoft had downed its flag to honor Steve Jobs.


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