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Interesting facts about health

Hello reader! I hope you are fine and safe. There are millions of things you don’t know about yourself. Today, In this health-fact blog post, we are going to see some of the Interesting facts about health.

Do you know, apart from negative effects taking coffee has positive effects too? Do you know you can breathe only from one nostril at a time?
If you don’t know then be with us, here we’ve shared some of the Interesting facts of Health that you will definitely like.

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Interesting Facts About Health

1. You can lower down depression by taking coffee

As we all know that taking coffee has lots of negative effects on our bodies. But let me tell you, coffee has its positive effects too. Coffee can lower down your depression. So when you feel depressed at any time, try taking some Coffee, but not too much, because eventually, it can also harm your body.

2. Our mouth produces more saliva before vomiting:

Do you know why, before we vomit, our mouth produces more saliva?
Here is the answer, when we are at the time of vomiting, our mouth produces saliva in large amounts this is because more saliva protects our teeth from erosion.

There is a type of acid in our stomach, which when we eat food, that acid breaks the food in the stomach and make them digestible. And when we vomit, all those acids pass through our mouth, and acidity in vomit is enough to damage our teeth badly. That’s why saliva is produced in large amounts to protect our teeth.

3. You can improve your health by Exercising daily for only 10 minutes:

I guess you think only a hard workout can improve your health. But let me tell you, my friend, you are wrong. You can improve your health by doing exercise for only 10 minutes daily.

In 2011, the Journal of Obesity study found that high-intensity interval workouts that last as few as 10 minutes can be effective in reducing fat, lowering insulin resistance, and improving overall health.

4. Facebook and Other Social Media Platform may be good for your heath

Yes, you are seeing right. Facebook and Other social media platform like Instagram, Whatsapp, Snapchat, etc can improve your health. As we all know that social media is wasting our time and that’s why it is not good for us. But there is a positive effect of using social medial platform too.

And the positive effect of using social media is that you get in touch with your friends and family. According to a study, getting in touch with your friends and family results in the prevention of memory loss and can help you live longer.

5. Tiredness can be overcome by Exercise

I guess, after a long day at work, going to the gym is your last priority on the list. But you know, the research found that doing exercise actually gives you more energy. A study found that your depression and fatigue can improve by exercising for at least 30 minutes.

It can be explained as, working out for 30 minutes improves your cardiovascular health, which means a large amount of blood will flow in your whole body, and therefore you get more energetic.6.3

6. Always think about positive, optimism will help you live longer

You should always think positively. Thinking positive will not cause you any disease or harm. Let me tell you that most of the people in this world are suffering from heart disease problems and due to which life span of human beings is decreasing day by day.

When people give up hope and start thinking negatively, their health starts deteriorating. According to research, by thinking positively and being optimistic, your health will improve and you can live longer.

7. 8-10 percent of your body’s weight is Blood

Whenever we measure the weight of our body, we think that our body’s weight is comprised of muscle and fat. But let me tell you, a research tells that around 8-10 percent weight of our body is blood.

Which means an average man have 1.2-1.5 gallons of blood in his/her body.

8. Laughing can cure heart disease

As we all know that laughing is good for health and we have also heard the phrase, “Laughter is the best treatment”. Laughing helps us to be healthy and active. It protects us from various heart diseases.

Researchers have found that a person who is 65 years old and laughs a lot, gets rid of cardiovascular disease and stroke. So try to laugh as much as you can and be healthy & active.

9. Tears are the natural painkiller

Do you know that tears work as a natural painkiller? Whenever we are sad, tears start coming out of our eyes. All those tears are a combination of natural painkillers and leucine enkephalin. And this is the reason why we feel good after crying.

10. Result of 1 minute of anger and 1 minute of laughter

Do you know, those who anger a lot have a weaker immune system than those who laugh a lot. A study found that 1 minute of anger can weaken the immune system for 4-5 hours while 1 minute of laughter can boost up your immune system for 24 hours.


So these were some interesting facts about health. I hope you liked and enjoyed this post. If there were any mistakes or you have any suggestions regarding post then feel free to mention in the comment section we will definitely work upon that.

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