12 Businesses that are growing due to Coronavirus

12 Businesses that are growing due to Coronavirus, Hello friend! I hope you are fine and safe.

While most businesses will be negatively affected by the coronavirus, there are few that will thrive because of it.

Business is bringing necessary relief to patients and hospitals are in high demand.

As well as products and services that serve a general public while in lockdown are seeing a major upswing.

Now while many people are losing their jobs, there are some regions that are growing day by day.

As we have already posted “15 industries failing because of the Coronavirus“, make sure to check that out.

You will surely learn more about what is going in this world during coronavirus pandemics.

Today we are focusing on those 12 Businesses which are booming due to coronavirus, let’s get started.

Businesses growing due to Coronavirus

1. Masks and Medical supplies

Masks and Medical supplies
Photo by Ashkan Forouzani on Unsplash

The global demand for items like disposable, gloves, ventilators, and face masks is unprecedented.

Public panic buying and stockpiling gloves, face masks, and medical alcohol cleaners have led to shortages.

Manufacturers and supply chains are working round the clock to keep up with demand, but they are still not able to.

So for the industry of medical supplies business is good, but the result of shortages could prove to be devastating if they aren’t able to quicken the pace.

2. Cleaning Services

Cleaning Services
Photo by Ashwini Chaudhary on Unsplash

Cleaning services have seen an unexpected increase in sales as they strive to keep up with the demand for public facilities that require sewage services.

Commercial buildings and medical facilities are the largest part of the market as they increase the frequency of their cleaning regimen.

They are also requesting harsher germ-killing chemicals to be used to counteract the spread of the coronavirus.

This is an area where workers’ recruitment is still strong and looks like it will remain stable for some time as standards will remain high even after the outbreak of the virus.

3. Drones

Photo by Jared Brashier on Unsplash

Prior to this point, the delivery from the drone seemed more like a novelty than a reality.

But since the corona epidemic, drones have been used in many roles.

China used drones in a novel way to halt the spread of the disease and reduce putting cleaners at risk.

Drones were employed to sanitize public spaces by spraying disinfectants.

China, South Korea, and Spain have also used drones by the police members to look out for the public leaving their homes during the enforced lockdown period.

4. Grocery Store Liquor

Grocery Store Liquor
Photo by Fikri Rasyid on Unsplash

Who would have thought that the world would turn into grocery stores for their next drink?

However even during partial shutdowns governments have closed public gathering spaces, such as bars and restaurants.

Many countries shut down all non-essential retailers and in some cases, liquor stores fall into this category.

That leaves only one option to pursue a limited category in the liquor line of your local supermarket if you have one. Suddenly dusting off a bottle of bargain bin Merlot seems a lot more appealing than before.

And retailers are struggling to keep up with demand. When the lockdown was first imposed in South Africa, all the necessary things and toilet papers were exhausted from the shops.

And when the lockdown was about to impose for 21 days, there was a huge crowd at the liquor shops. People started stocking liquor in their homes for 21 days.

5. Drive-in Movie Theaters

Drive-in Movie Theaters
Photo By FabSubeject / CC BY-SA on Wikipedia

In countries lucky enough to not be in complete lockdown, there is still a level of freedom to be out and about.

However, there aren’t many people opting for cramped public spaces right now.

So instead of traditional movie theaters, old-fashioned walkthroughs can be seen.

It’s much safer and it’s a great way to get the family out of the house. Keep your distance from others and still control the environment you come into contact with.

A great experience of revisiting this ancient time will certainly generate interest in this business even after Corona.

6. Shopping Delivery Services

Shopping Delivery Services
Photo by Kai Pilger on Unsplash

Ecommerce has been on a solid trajectory for some years now.Social distancing whether enforced by the government or not has corralled the last few stragglers who hadn’t signed on for online shopping.

But the urgent need has resulted in complete reliance on food supplies and essentials.

States like New York and California in the USA declared a complete shutdown first.

This caused a rapid spike in the already delivered delivery service.

Companies like Amazon to open its doors to 100,000 new employees.

Businesses growing due to Covid19

7. Fitness Equipment Companies

Fitness Equipment Companies
Photo by Risen Wang on Unsplash

Almost all gyms are closed all over the world, and because of this people are doing gym at home and people are in need of equipment and that’s why its shopping is increasing day by day.

If we’re all going to be confined to our homes there’s no need to let ourselves go.

And recent sales trends are confirming we plan to stay in shape. The selling Fitness product in the US right now is yoga mats.

But many tech startups are firing up sales of their internet-connected fitness equipment so that users can still feel connected to a greater community.

Live and recorded instructions from experts linking to related equipment turn your home into an active gym.

And while we are still striving to stay on top of Fitness even though it is still at home, sales in this category are appealing.

8. Toilet Paper, Soap Sales & Hand Sanitizer

Toilet Paper, Soap Sales & Hand Sanitizer
Photo by Tai’s Captures on Unsplash

As the cases of coronavirus are increasing, so is the demand for soap, hand sanitizers, and toilet papers.

People are getting so mad behind these things that they are storing these products in their houses in large amounts.

As a result, there is a shortage of these goods in hospitals and other necessary places.

9. Video Conferencing and Document Handling

Video Conferencing and Document Handling
Photo by Gabriel Benois on Unsplash

Many companies have rapidly adopted to work from home as shutdowns are imminent or already implemented.

This opens up a huge demand for services to connect work teams to each other.

There’s also been a sudden uptake in signups for online conferencing workgroups and collaboration sites that help host business operations remotely.

Another area that needs to be handled is remote scanning for scanning and secure sending.

This is prompting software signups as a staff is away from office printers that would ordinarily conduct this type of work.

10. Remote Doctor Services

Remote Doctor Services
Photo by Online Marketing on Unsplash

As the virus tends to be spread mostly before a patient realizes they’re infected there is a call for strict social distancing.

Also, immunocompromised people need to reduce any exposure to the public at all costs.

For these reasons and many more, there’s a massive demand for remote doctor consultations.

Online services offering this are inundated with patients with new members signing up daily.

But the best way for doctors(Physicians) to do work from home is to protect them from infections.

11. Telecommunications

Photo by Hassan OUAJBIR on Unsplash

The lockdown means we can’t share important moments, go for coffee with a friend to catch up, or have a family gathering.

This means more than ever we’re relying on our phones to keep close to our family and friends.

Social distancing doesn’t necessarily mean isolation but it does mean a lot more remote contact like FaceTime and calls.

People are resurrecting their skype accounts to have group gatherings that way, even real phone calls are being made it’s a crazy time to be alive.

All of this means big business for internet and voice services providers. less time at the office means more time to watch YouTube, share memes, and scroll Instagram the knock-on effect is the data usage increases.

In most countries, data is charged per megabyte or per gigabyte so this means a major payday for data providers.

12. Streaming Video And a Live Video Hosting Sites

Streaming Video And a Live Video Hosting Sites
Photo by Glenn Carstens-Peters on Unsplash

Around the world we already had a desire for variety of content.

Producers can barely keep up leading to revivals of retro content like the series Friends or Golden Girls, where you can binge-watch seasons for days.

The main players in video-on-demand like Amazon, YouTube, Hulu, or Netflix work on monthly subscriptions. During social distancing, subscriptions are on the rise.

Users are forced to platform hop from one provider to the other as they exhaust the extensive archives of content at an alarming rate.

Content producers should spend their time in isolation writing the next series as there’s no doubt that production will boom when lockdowns are lifted.


So these were the Positive Impact of Coronavirus on Businesses. We hope you liked this post. If there were any mistakes or you have any suggestions regarding posts then feel free to mention in the comment section.

We will surely work upon that. If you want to know some more facts visit here 15 industries failing because of the Coronavirus.

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