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12 Interesting facts about robert downey jr.

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12 Interesting Facts About Robert Downey jr.

1.He has been pardoned for all of his crimes

Robert has had his fair share of legal trouble, most of which stemming from his drug addictions. In 1996, while on parole for charges he incurred after being arrested for possession of heroin, cocaine and an unloaded 357 magnum handgun after speeding down Sunset Boulevard while naked in his Porsche.

Downey found his way inside his neighbor’s home in a drugged-out haze and fell asleep in a child’s bed. He was arrested for trespassing and being under the influence of a controlled substance.

Later in 1999, he was facing another drug charge, and although he hired the same team that got OJ (Obstruction of Justice Governmental) cleared of his murder trial, he could not avoid a three-year prison sentence. However, he was released after serving less than one year. He received a full pardon from California Governor Jerry Brown in 2015.

2.He spent around 14 million dollars to buy two houses in 2017

In May of 2017, Robert bought a 3384 square foot, three-bedroom three-bathroom home in Malibu for 3.5 million dollars. It features a glass-enclosed balcony overlooking the Pacific Ocean.

In the same month, he bought the Edward DeRose Windmill Cottage in Hampton for 10.5 million dollars. The estate includes a seven-bedroom main house, a 50-foot pool, tennis court, landscaped gardens, and two beautiful guest homes. The large windmill on the exterior of the house is non-functional but it does hold a lobby office and library.

3. Robert started acting at the age of five

Robert first appeared in a movie at the age of five. His first movie was called the “Pound” and he played the role of one of 18 puppies that were waiting to get adopted.

The movie was directed by his father. In fact, the first three films he appeared in were directed by Robert Downey senior. His first leading role came in 1987 when he starred alongside Molly Ringwald in the pickup artist.

4. He tried marijuana for the first time at age six

Robert has said that he grew up surrounded by drugs as mentioned. His parents were both actors and his father was a drug addict. Using drugs together was the way that Robert Downey Junior and senior bonded over the years.

And Robert’s dad was the first one who introduced Robert to marijuana at the age of six. His father who is in his 80s and living in New York City has said, he deeply regrets his actions in those times.

5. Robert dropped out of high school

After his parents got divorced in 1978, Robert moved to California to live with his father. After a few years there he decided he wanted to go back to New York City. He dropped out of school at the age of 17 and moved back to New York on his own to pursue a full-time acting career.

6. He was a roommate with Kiefer Sutherland

When he first moved to Hollywood he was a roommate with Kiefer for three years, as they both tried to get their acting careers off the ground. The two co-starred in the 1998 movie called 1969. Roberts then girlfriend Sarah Jessica Parker also lived with them off and on.

7. Sarah Jessica Parker broke up with him because of his drug addiction

Sarah and Robert’s seven-year relationship started in 1984 when they were 18 years old. The couple broke up in 1991 largely due to his drug addiction problems.

Robert says the main relationship problem was, “she was normal and I was out of my mind“. The two didn’t talk for over 20 years but met up in 2016 to finally get some closure.

8. Robert has Mel Gibson to thank for his comeback

After years of dealing with legal troubles and Rehab, Downey needed someone to take a chance on him so that he could try to make a comeback. He was hired then fired by Woody Allen because he wasn’t able to get insurance.

Mel Gibson took a gamble and paid Roberts insurance bond for the 2003 movie “The Singing Detective” which allowed Downey to secure a lead role and get back on his feet both financially and in his acting career.

The two actors have been friends since they start together in the 1990 film “Air America”.

9. Downey called “Family Guy” producers and asked for a role

Downey son Indio Falconer Downey was a big “Family Guy” fan so Downey contacted the producers of the show and asked if he could have a part in either producing or creating one episode.

In response, the show created the character of “Patrick Pewterschmidt” Lois Griffin’s estranged mentally disturbed brother. Downey played the role in a 2006th episode entitled the fat guy strangler.

10. One of his favorite cars is the Audi r8

Before Ironman Robert had no car collection to speak of. But now he has put together an interesting collection of vehicles. including a 1970 boss 302 Mustang, a 1970 Mercedes-Benz pagoda, a Mercedes-Benz Wagon, a 2011 VW GTI, a 2010 Nissan GTR, a Ferrari California and a Bentley Continental GT that he was given in lieu of back-end payment for Iron Man 3.

One of his favorites is his 2014 Audi R8. He says that he and Audi have a wonderful relationship ever since the first Ironman and he drove an Audi R8 Spyder in Iron Man 2.

11. He proposed to his second wife while still married to his first

In 1992, Robert married his first wife actress Deborah Falconer after they had been dating for only 42 days. Their marriage fell apart mainly because of his drug addiction and legal problems. And while they were separated he met Susan Levin who was a producer for Gothica, one of the first movies Robert acted in after he sobered up.

The two began dating in 2003 and he proposed after three months even though he was still legally married to Deborah. Susan insisted on a two-year engagement, so Robert divorced Deborah in 2004 and married Susan in 2005.

12. He went from being unemployable to being the highest-paid actor in the world

Robert took the top spot of Forbes in the list of highest-paid actors in 2013 with 75 million dollars made over the previous year. And he earned that honor again in 2015, even though he had only made two movies “Avengers Age of Ultron” and “The Judge”.

The year before the list was published his total earnings in that year was 80 million dollars. He lost the top spot in 2016 when Dwayne Johnson took his place and he fell to eighth on the list with earnings of 33 million dollars.

Bonus Fact: He wears special high heels on set

Roberts’s real height is 5 feet 9 inches tall but he often wears his lifts in his shoes to appear taller. On the set of Iron Man, he often wears a special set of high-heeled boots to make him appear taller than his co-star Gwyneth Paltrow who is also 5 foot 9.


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