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15 Amazing Facts about Warren Buffet

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15 Amazing facts about Warren Buffett

Fact 1:

Buffett bought his first stock when he was 11 years old. Buffett had set his sights very high from a very young age and started off by buying shares in cities service preferred for $38 each.

He then filed his first tax return during his teenage years and had sold his first venture before graduating from high school.

When his school colleagues wanted to be movie stars at the age of 10, Buffett was having lunch with a member of the New York Stock Exchange and setting life goals.

By the time he was 16, he had already accumulated the equivalent of around $50,000.

Fact 2:

He has been working at the same desk for 50 years. Buffett is an 89-year-old man so he’s predictably a little bit old school.

Instead of a computer he uses old fashioned pen and paper and keeps an encyclopedia set by his desk. There’s also a cabinet full of football memorabilia.

Fact 3:

During an interview on the piers morgan show, Buffett said he only had a Nokia flip phone and had no intention of upgrading it.

He said he doesn’t throw anything away until he’s had it for 20 or 25 years and has only sent one email in his life and that was to Jeff reeks of Microsoft.

Fact 4:

He spends most of his day reading. Buffett once said that i just sit in my office and read all day.

He sees his job as about learning as much as he can and reading as much as possible. He now reads between 600 and 1,000 pages of material a day.

Fact 5:

Buffett doesn’t believe that gold is a good investment. In 1998 Buffett said that gold had no use or purpose so it wasn’t worth investing in.

He thinks that if aliens could look down and see us digging gold out of the ground they would be mystified.

Fact 6:

He loves junk food and eats about 2,500 calories a day. Buffett’s favorite meal is a burger and a cherry coke and he says that he eats whatever he wants. He’s even quoted as saying that he couldn’t be bothered to eat any vegetables even if he was told it would lengthen his life.

Fact 7:

Buffett contemplates his investments while soaking in the bath. Before he invested in the Bank of America, he spent a while reading over the facts and figures in the bath.

The bubbles must have done a lot for his thought process because he then bought five billion dollars in Bank of America shares.

Fact 8:

He has donated a total of 25 billion dollars to charities all over the world. Buffett’s children also have their own charitable foundations in which they regularly contribute. Buffet also gives charity to the Bill and Milinda Gates Foundation.

Fact 9:

Bill Gates and Buffett are BFFs. Bill Gates and Warren Buffett have been friends for 25 years. They give each other book recommendations and even have sleepovers sometimes.

Fact 10:

Buffett continues to live in the 5 bedroom house in Omaha that he bought in 1958. He practices for Galatea in many aspects of his life. Despite being so successful one of the ways he has done this is to stay in the same house. He’s lived in for many years and he’s not that much of a lavish spender when it comes to the usual trappings of wealth either.

Fact 11:

Buffett’s net worth is greater than the combined GDP of Ghana and Cambodia. Buffett’s net worth at the end of 2020 was 71 billion dollars which is more than some countries are worth.

He’s currently the fourth richest man in the world. Even though his salary from his investment company Berkshire Hathaway is rumored to be a relatively modest 100 thousand dollars a year.

Fact 12:

He’s a passionate investor and supporter of renewable energy.

Buffett has invested 15 billion dollars in renewable energy resources including solar and wind power and just announced that he’s ready to invest another 15 billion dollars to the cause.

Fact 13:

Buffett earned 99 percent of his current total wealth after his 50th birthday. Despite a very strong and enthusiastic start in business Buffett earned the large majority of his wealth in later life.

Fact 14:

He has the best track record for investment in the S&P 500 index. Buffett has beat the market more than any other investor according to the Standard and Poor’s 500 an American stock market index which records stock listed.

According to their graph, he’s a more successful investor than Walter Schloss, Peter Lynch, Joel Greenblatt, and David Einhorn as a result of his longevity he’s earned the title the Oracle of Omaha.

Fact 15:

In 2013 he earned around 37 million dollars every single day according to Forbes.

He made an astonishing amount of money every day more than his best friend Bill Gates which probably added a bit of tension to their bridge games.


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