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15 industries failing because of the Coronavirus

15 industries failing because of the coronavirus. Hello World, I hope you all are well and safe. As we all know the current state of the world because of the coronavirus.

Whole world is suffering from coronavirus including all businesses, markets etc.

And today we will discuss some of the industries which are failing due to coronavirus.

So these are the 15 industries that are failing due to Conovirus, and it’s a very good opportunity for intelligent people to grow.

Industries failing because of the coronavirus

1. Malls and high streets:

15 Industries Failing Because Of The Coronavirus

As the infection has got worse, many countries impose complete rules on public transmission including restrictions on access to public spaces and stores of non-essential items.

All the shops are closed, the roads are empty, the whole city has become like a house of ghosts. People are not coming out of the house, people are staying in the house due to fear of Coronavirus.

The owners of the shop are also sending their workers on holiday because they do not have money which they can pay to the workers.

Jeff Bezos recently announced he’s on the hunt for 100,000 new Amazon team members.

2. Restaurants and Bars:

15 Industries Failing Because Of The Coronavirus

Social distancing is key to containing the virus. Many governments have forcefully closed restaurants and bars, the government has ordered the closure of public gathering, meetings, and all kinds of events.

New York State Governor Andrew Cuomo announced a total shutdown of all non-essential activities and ordered everyone to stay home.

All that remains open throughout the country are grocery stores, pharmacies, doctors, petrol stations, and limited mobility routes, which means all bars and restaurants must be closed.

There is no way for these agencies to make most of the money when they are closed but some end up serving customers with delivery.

3. Music Festivals:

Moving from the Southwest to Coachella Africa burn to Glastonbury music festivals are called off for the foreseeable future.

These incidents are a dangerous place for the exchange of germs and Coronavirus will prove to be dangerous for this, so no one is taking a chance.

And this has a huge impact on everyone involved from music artists to booking agents, backpackers and hard-working, accommodation, travel tickets, and small businesses like food vendors they will all loose a big chunk of their annual salary.

Many costs such as marketing will never be recovered.

It is not yet clear, what kind of music festivals will be in the world after coronavirus, will the public ever desire a more open social gathering after this? Only time will tell.

4. Sporting Events:

15 industries failing because of the Coronavirus

On March 11th the NBA suspended its season when one Utah Jazz player Rudy Gobert tested positive.

It looked like a big move, but on March 16, the NBA posted out 14 Covid19 infection incidents involving staff and players.

Similar to music festivals, sporting events the multimillion-dollar industry worldwide, the industry whose future now looks bleak from Ironman triathlons to the marathons school touring to premier leaks.

The financial losses in these industries are hugely powerful and supportive of industries, as travel and hospitality are more harmful but more to those industries later.

5. The beauty service industry:

In a world where touching your own face is a no-go zone there’s not much attraction to head to a salon for FaceTime with a stranger who’s interacting with other people all day.

Yes, we believe that cleanliness is most important, but you cannot put your life in danger for a face during this coronavirus.

6. Gyms and the Fitness industry:

15 industries failing because of the Coronavirus

If you hadn’t already thought about the high risk of contamination involved in a hot sweaty body fluid filled workout session of gyms

and now is the time to get thinking many gyms and sporting facilities have shut down until governments relaxed the restrictions on public gatherings the big gyms that have you locked into such ironclad contracts aren’t going to be too effective.

It’s the smaller fitness clubs and personal trainers that are feeling the pinch as people social distance themselves and stick to isolation.

7. Wedding and Funeral Industry:

Here comes the no one because group events are strictly forbidden weddings are being postponed left right and center and funerals or ah nights in South Africa

for example even before the official countrywide lockdown on March 26 gatherings of more than 100 people were strictly forbidden to curb corona spread.

In the USA on March 16th Trump’s administration recommended avoiding gatherings and groups of more than 10 people.

In Australia, funerals are temporarily suspended as they are considered to be insignificant gatherings but if this continues it should be in small groups with 2 meters between each person.

These restrictions put a huge dampener on the wedding and funeral industry.

8. Cinemas, Theaters, Museums and Art galleries:

15 industries failing because of the Coronavirus

Social distancing means keeping out of public spaces. But it also spells disaster for businesses that rely on members of the public to buy tickets.

The loss of income can be crushing to these industries as many of the exhibits artists or movie titles were booked and paid for for over a year to secure them.

Then when the income doesn’t come in or the season moves along these are not costs

that can be recouped it’s an overwhelming blow for the international and local arts and culture will be a major problem for all related businesses.

9. Airlines and Travel agencies:

15 industries failing because of the Coronavirus

As we all know that the government has stopped all airlines and is asking people to stay at home.

Due to this, airlines industries and travel busineses have been suffering huge losses. And that’s why some companies are on the verge of closure.

10. It’s a bad time to be in the Cruise Liner Industry:

Covid has prevented cruise liners from physically docking into ports. Why?

because the spread of the virus on the ships has been so rapid it started with a diamond cruise in Japan being refused to dock it’s 3,700 passengers

and crew were quarantined at a Japanese port on February 4th after 700 passengers tested positive, sadly eight people died from Covid19.\

And similarly many cases were found in the Cruise Liner Industry, thats why it forced to shutdown.

11. Big factories and industry:

Most of the big factories have to be closed, because there is a lot of people working in the factories,

and there are more frequent interaction between the workers and due to which the risk of spreading the virus is high.

12. The Dutch cut flower industry is risking a complete collapse:

At al-Samir’s largest flower auction in the world,20 percent of its flowers presented for sale had to be disposed of flowers from all over the world are sold daily at auctions in these major markets.

The warehouse it takes place in is the fourth largest building in the world by footprint. Prices hit a 50% dive in March causing the market to go into panic mode.

Royal Flora Holland was quoted as saying “Without emergency debt from the government and banks many companies will explode within weeks”.

13. The hotel industry has been forced to shut up:

The hotel industry has suffered greatly from Coronavirus. People are staying in their own homes, no one is going out of the house due to which hotel rooms are not being booked.

14. School related services are often small businesses dependent on fees:

There are many small businesses that support the school and childcare industry.

From school meals to transportation dance lessons to sporting coach’s and generally speaking these are no work no pay services.

During this time of uncertainty many small businesses sit in limbo waiting to see when lockdowns on social distancing will be lifted to allow them to operate once again.

15. Sightseeing tours and guiding industry:

15 Industries Failing Because Of The Coronavirus

Since people all over the world are suffering from this deadly virus.

Nobody is taking sightseeing tour or explore any place.

Everyone is in their homes and waiting for everything to be alright.

Since people are not going to roam anywhere, due to which the jobs and business of tourist guides have also stopped.


So these were the top industries failing because of the coronavirus. Hope you liked this post.

If there were any mistake in this post then feel free to inform us in the comment section, we will surely work upon that.

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