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20 Amazing Facts About Jack Ma

20 Amazing Facts About Jack Ma
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Hello Friends! I hope you all are well. Today we are going to discuss 20 Amazing Facts About Jack Ma (Asia’s 3rd richest person in 2020 and the founder of Alibaba Group).

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Have you failed multiple times in your life but never gave up?

If it is so, then congratulations you are a great person and you will definitely succeed in your life and achieve whatever you want in your life.

Because not giving up is the only Key to Success. And if it is not so, then the story of Jack Ma will put a great impact on your life.

In this blog post, we are going to discuss some amazing facts about Jack Ma who failed multiple times in his life.

And At the starting of his career, you can say that failure and jack ma were made for each other, but in the end, he never gave up, and finally, he achieved whatever he wanted in his life.

And now in the year 2020, he is Asia’s 3rd richest person, with a net worth of $43.8 billion.

So let’s get started,

Amazing Facts About Jack Ma

Fact 1:

Do you know Jack Ma started his Career as a English Teacher.

And he learned English and became fluent at it at the age of 8 when he used to work as a tourist guide without taking any money from them.

Fact 2:

In Jack Ma’s town in china, when KFC first launched, 24 people, were applied for the Job, and from 24 people 23 were selected, Jack Ma was the only candidate who got rejected.

Fact 3:

Jack Ma was called crazy from many people when he started Alibaba.

As the underdog went up against the already established and expanding eBay in China, many people called him crazy.

Fact 4:

Zhang Ying is Jack Ma’s wife she was there with him from the very beginning.

They met in school when they were studying to be teachers. And since then they are supporting each other.

Zhang Ying and Jack Ma is the real example of the famous quote “Behind every successful man is a woman’s support”.

Fact 5:

Jack Ma’s Chinese name is Ma Yun. But one of his foreigner friend nicknamed him Jack because he found it difficult to pronounce his name and since then his name is Jack Ma.

Fact 6:

By doing job as a English teacher Jack Ma got his first salary which was about $12-15 a month.

Fact 7:

When he became familiar with Internet Revolution in 90s he was determined to quit his job and start his own business.

Fact 8:

Jack Ma is at the second richest people in China, with a networth of $43.8 billion, and in the world he is at number 18.

Fact 9:

Before starting Alibaba Comapany, Jack Ma had established a translation agency and a website called China Yellow Page.

And that was china’s first internet company according to him.

Fact 10:

Interesting fact is like steve jobs Jack Ma also has no programming knowledge but had attracted many tech talents to follow him.

Fact 11:

He applied 10 times at Harvard for his further studies but he failed all the time.

Fact 12:

Jack Ma and his friends pooled $60,000 to start Alibaba (With no background in computing, Mr. Ma co-founded Alibaba in his apartment, having convinced a group of friends to invest in his online marketplace.)

Fact 13:

In the recent talk of Jack Ma and Elon Musk over Artificial Intelligence, his followers and the audience of show got upset with Ma’s point of view over AI.

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Fact 14:

After leaving college, Ma applied for 30 different jobs and was rejected.

Fact 15:

Jack Ma seen the internet for the first time during his first visit to US in 1995. In US, his friend told him about the internet.

Fact 16:

Do you know what the first word that Ma’s search over the internet?
The word “Beer” was the first name Jack Ma searched for on the Internet.

Fact 17:

Jack Ma is a philosopher rather than a businessman, judging and making business decisions based on his philosophical goals, for example – He says, “If the market is going well, it bothers me and if everything goes wrong I am happy as there are many opportunities”.

Fact 18:

In 2014, Jack Ma raised $ 25 billion in the New York Exchange and made Alibaba Group one of the most important and valuable e-commerce company.

Fact 19:

Jack Ma failed in primary School twice, thrice in middle school and failed in entrance exam applied for joining the university and also rejected 10 times from harvard.

Fact 20:

There were three reasons behind Jack Ma and Alibaba’s success, he told in an interview and they were, they had no money, they had no technology and they had no plan. Every dollar, they used very carefully.


So these were some amazing facts of founder of Alibaba Group, Jack Ma. Hope You like this post.

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