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20 Mind-Blowing Facts about iPhones

Facts about Iphone

Hello friend! I hope you are fine and safe. Today I am going to discuss 20 Mind-Blowing Facts about iPhones that you should know, So let’s get started.

In this era of 2020, I think everyone knows about the iPhones. According to surveys, the iPhone is one of the best phones in the world.

All the new technology related to phones is first introduced in iPhones.

By the way, we know a lot about the iPhones, but there are some interesting facts about the iPhone, we do not know. And those facts we will discuss here.

So what are the 20 Mind-Blowing Facts About iPhones that we should know?

20 Facts about iPhones

1. There are more than 100 million iPhone users in the US alone. With the population of the US is about 318 million, that means about 1/3 of the population has an iPhone.

2. iPhone 2G was the most revolutionary product in the 21st century so far.

3. Originally, the iPhone display would be made of plastic. However, after testing the device in real-world situations, Steve Jobs realized that its buttons were constantly scratching the screen. As a result, Apple chose glass.

4. On 1 July 2007 Apple reportedly paid US$1 million to Michael Kovatch for the transfer of iPhone domain name.

5. The first call from the iPhone was a prank call. Steve Jobs called Starbucks in public.

6. The most expensive part of the iPhone is the Retina display.

Some More Amazing Facts About iPhones

7. For making an iPhone 6’s 16 GB version that weighs 129 grams, the total value of the raw materials that Apple pays the manufacturer is just $1.03.

8. You may have noticed that all iPhone advertising, shows a time of 9:41. Believe it or not but there is actually a big reason behind it. And the reason is while rehearsing for the presentation, Jobs had calculated that the slide of the newly launched iPhone was going to appear on the screen at around 9:41 AM. Acting in advance, to show the real-time, he instructed his advertising team to prepare it with the device showing 9:41 AM.

9. Several breakthrough features like mobile payment system, Touch ID have first arrived on iPhone.

Some More Facts

10. The iPhone brings a certain luxury – when it comes to its use. You can still keep using the phone for months together without having to restart or clear your RAM. iOS does its memory management so well – it is versatile and stable.

11. Previously, iPhone’s batteries were considered to be Non-Replaceable. But now Apple is offering huge price drops in Official Battery Replacement programs.

12. With a comparatively strong iSight camera, iPhone is believed to have revolutionized photos.

13. On the first weekend, the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus launched, 50 devices were sold per second, which comes out to a total of 4,320,000 per day!

14. “i” in the iPhone,iMac, iPad, iTunes stands for the internet, individual, instruct, inform, inspire.

15. FaceTime is one of the best things that Apple introduced. You can FaceTime audio or FaceTime Video to any Apple Product owner free of cost. And the quality of FaceTime is so optimized, it works well even in areas where there is bad network coverage.

Interesting Facts about iPhones

16. In 2015, about 94% of all profits made with smartphones worldwide were earned by Apple.

17. The iPhone’s camera most commonly used for shooting pictures on Flickr. 27% of all the photos worldwide are made with iPhone cameras.

18. iPhone’s Home Button is now locked with the Hardware. The only way you can get it replaced – if you have it broken is by going to the Apple Store.

19. iPhone Can Survive More Than 13,000 Feet Fall.

20. Apple Sells more than 200 Million iPhones each year. Every September, The company launches a new iPhone model, and fans are eager to get the latest model.


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